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Detecting Lucky and Fortunate Periods
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Ordering Luck Charts

ORDER Luck Charts using Astrology and Numerology to pinpoint likely Days/Times. (Charts emailed to you within about 24 hours)

Luck Charts

Natal Chart Analysis: This is an intensive examination of your Birth Chart by a professional Astrologer to determine if you're "born" lucky. What form of gambling looks most likely for you. Includes a full-Astrology Natal Consultation with emphasis on your Luck and Money Houses, plus one month of Luck Charts. (Data sent digitally as scanned photo and recordings)

Natal Analysis (Luck) - $200.00

When ordering Luck Charts and Astrological Consultations, please provide the following information in the Special Instructions Section at Checkout (or email us the following information to data@gamblesoft.com):

Important! All requested information is REQUIRED to provide you with the most accurate Luck Charts possible. All information provided is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will NEVER be shared. Period.

1.  NAME Most Commonly Used while Gambling

2.  DATE of Birth

3.  PLACE of Birth

4.  TIME of Birth (Preferably off a Birth Certificate. The more accurate the time of birth, the more accurate your Charts will be!)

5.  LOCATION where you GAMBLE (Charts are generated for a SINGLE specific location and are generally accurate within about a 50 mile radius)

6.  FULL MONTH (the FULL Calendar Month, i.e., all of August 2017, September 2017, etc)

PLEASE! Please! Be responsible and never gamble with more than you can afford to lose! We developed this system to help gamblers have more fun and improve their chances of winning—so keep it fun! Think you have a problem? There's help HERE.
Disclaimer: These Charts were developed for entertainment purposes only.

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