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Detecting Lucky and Fortunate Periods
Using Astrology & Numerology

by Newage Enterprises

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What does Astrology have to say about Gambling? What works (and doesn't work)? Are people born lucky and can luck be detected? That has been the subject of our passionate research since 1996.

We developed our Luck Charts to help people enjoy themselves more, be able to play longer and have more fun when visiting that Casino, Sportsbook or Bingo Hall.

These State of the Art Luck Charts have been more than 20 years in development. Many of our customers were invited to share data with us. We also developed our database from Lottery Winners, BaseBall players, Bingo players, etc. We have compiled a large database of Lucky Wins and utilized this information to have the computer tell US when a lucky event looks likely to occur!

Science and the New Age have finally met! With the help of a Computers and sophisticated Astrology, we have compiled a database of nearly 5 million rows of winning transit information from Lottery Winners, Bingo Players, Slot Players, Black Jack Players, etc. This allows us to have the computer analyze the information and tell US what aspects, what Planets, what Asteroids appear to be associated with Lucky Periods.

Each Luck Chart is customized to YOUR particular data. For instance, two persons will have completely different points for a Mars square Mars transit. Perhaps Mars in one person's Chart is in difficult aspect, while in another, it may rule their 2nd house of Money! Not only that, but Numerologically, that transit may resonate strongly with one person and not another.

We not only use the main Planets (i.e., Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, etc.) We are also use Arabian Parts, Asteroids, TransNeptunians, Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Planetary Stations.

If we asked a room of Numerologists if Numerology works, we'd get a resounding YES and that's certainly been our experience! So we incorporated Numerology and Astrology into these Charts. For instance, the author's lucky numbers are 3, 1 and 8. And the luckiest times of the wins (when reduced to 1 number) is 3, 8 and 1. Can it be coincidence? We don't think so!


"Wow! Won the Grand Jackpot for better than $14,000 using astrology. Amazing!"

February was very slow for me, as my chart predicted...so I stayed home most of the month, but March showed some lucky times in the beginning, the middle and the end of the month. I hit 3 Royal Flushes for a total of $16,000 playing $1 & $2 video poker games! I love this product!

"The Chart was dead on--I just wish I'd left after I was supposed to..."

"...your first monthly chart worked out nearly to the minute"

"I am so impressed with your software.  For the month of January I purchased one month as a trial basis.  I tried my first day on 01/02/08 and I went to the ... and put $100 in a $1 video poker and quickly had won $400.  Within an hour I had left the casino with $1200.  Later in the day, I was on the other side of town and played my lucky time zone at...and played $300 on $1 video poker machines and hit a $4,000 Royal Flush, so my net winnings for the day was $5,100 and I still managed to play for several hours and still went home with $5,000 for the day."

"...have been impressed with the charts since receiving them...my two large winning days that month matched up to days with 3 and 4 stars, one within 1 hour of a lucky period and the other within a lucky period"

"I won 2 jackpots in one night on a lucky day!"

"My husband won $125,000 at the horse races on a very lucky day!"

"I'm usually not a very lucky person, in fact Get Lucky! says I'm only Lucky four times this year. Well, I gave it a try. I started with $100, and left up nearly $750. I'm sold!"

"I won 16 Blackjacks in a 20 min period at the Blackjack table. I like to use Get Lucky! because it's so much fun to win!"

"I definitely believe in this program. I doubled my money last time I went gambling. If I'd played the maximum coins, I would've won a big one! I believe in this software so much, I'm giving my son money to play on his next Lucky Period!"