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Detecting Lucky and Fortunate Periods
Using Astrology & Numerology

by Newage Enterprises


Slot machines have pay cycles and then go DORMANT.

A very potent combination is a lucky period and a machine in a pay cycle. During a dormant period on the machine, a luck period may "blip". For instance, I play the 1 cent, 2 cent and 5 cent machines and you pretty much need to get into the bonus to make money. If I'm on a "dead machine" during a Lucky Period, I may notice a "blip"-i.e., I might get 5 eights in a row. A nice hit, but not enough to take me to the next bonus round. You ideally, want to hit a VERY nice bonus during a good lucky period. Lest you think your Luck is stronger than a dead machine-this is NOT true. And I have found this the hard way (many times)!

Everything has a luck chart (not just you). The casino, the machine you're on, the person next to you, etc. For whatever reason, your luck cannot operate freely. I have what I call the $50 rule. I NEVER put more than $50 in a machine ever. The WORST losses I've ever had have been on dead machines. The machine hadn't been to the bonus for 3 hours and I kept feeding it and feeding it thinking it HAS to go soon, right? Well, it never hit. I left feeling very, very stupid. After talking to other casino patrons, they say they been conned into putting an insane amount of money into one machine. And the more money you've fed it? The harder it is to leave it! Remember that casinos probably have panels of psychologists setting these up to keep us there! Don't fall for it!

Avoid pitfalls by following the rules below:

  • NEVER Put more than a set amount into a machine. For me that's $50. And that amount will vary depending upon how much you like to bet. Sometimes they're just not on...I've seen a machine stay "off" all day long! Do you want to be the one feeding the dead machine all day long?

  • NEVER waste more than 1 or 2 Lucky Periods on a dead machine

  • MOVE ON AFTER A GOOD HIT! Yeah, sometimes they keep hitting, but very, very rarely. Most of the time, they just eat it right back! If you want, give a small amount back, say around 20 spins or less. In general, you MUST move around. Consider how DIFFICULT this can be on a busy Friday/Saturday night! In general, you want to avoid casinos during high traffic periods as you will be forced to stay on a dead machine or move to yet another dead machine...

  • AVOID Dead Machines! Easy to say, but how do I know what machine is dead and how do I find a good one? Below are some indications you're on a DEAD MACHINE:

    • You are the only player on the bank. Odds are the bank isn't paying. Banks seem to "light up" in unison and then go cold. LEAVE THE BANK (not just that machine). Look for a bank with lots of people playing.

    • Everyone around you says that machine has been dead all day. Now that MAY mean it's about to pop and I do try those, but NEVER WASTE MORE THAN 1 LUCKY PERIOD on a machine and keep to the $50 Rule. If it's dead, move on.

  • Tip the waitress to find out what machines consistently pay. For instance, in Washington State, casinos are required to return 70% of the money back to slot players-for a 30% take (pretty hard to make $, huh?). Keep in mind that's 70% is for the entire casino. So some machines may pay 10% back on average and others may pay 140%. A $5.00 tip to the waitress is money well spent

  • AVOID Special Drawing Days or Promo Days It's been our experience that on days when they have drawings for some large amount of money, they usually turn down the machines. The casino is terribly crowded, so you can't move-even if your machine is dead. Consider that very, very few persons will win in the drawing-but the casino rakes in huge amounts of money by getting a lot of people there and in general, turning down the machines!

  • When you've hit the BIG one, you MUST be willing to walk away or at least drastically lower your bet. This can be very difficult psychologically as we typically feel happy, confident and sure it'll keep hitting. If your transits don't support staying after the BIG one, resist the urge to up your bet (and put it all back)! Remove yourself from the casino! Most persons lose because of this one factor, so master it! Take your friend/spouse and have them DRAG you out of the Casino/Sportsbook, if necessary! Go to the hotel room, eat dinner, take a walk. Bring a good book you can read in your car until your next Lucky Period

  • Some Lucky Hits will NOT be detected. Why? We use 3 of the major Astrological predictive techniques (Solar Arc, Progressions, Transits), but we do not use some of the lesser known, such as Converse, Precessed, Sideral, Parallels of Declination, Solar and Lunar Returns, etc. And in truth, we are students of Luck and probably don't know everything (yet). Our algorithms continue to be examined and improved and our database of Lucky Transits continues to grow. In our experience, in 5 days of using the Luck Charts:  2 days you might find the Charts hit pretty much down to the minutes.  The next 2 days might be pretty much on and the final day may be completely off. Nothing fires. On average, it seems about 75% of Lucky Transits hit at least somewhat. On average, during our testing period, 0-2 nice hits per day are NOT detected by the Charts. And consider this! You'll still make $, even if you're not betting much. Contrast that with a Lucky Period that doesn't hit and you've upped your bet? You're out a lot of moola. So we tried to err on the side of showing you luck only when strongly indicated.

  • There are persons who are known by the rather unattractive name of "psychic vampires". If you notice that during YOUR lucky time, the person next to you is winning like crazy (and you're not), you may have one next to you. It's not a conscious thing on their part (so don't get mad). Kirilean Photography which displays auras, shows that sometimes persons can start sucking the energy from you (i.e., the light starts to bleed into their auras). This is not as uncommon as you think-and another good time to MOVE ON. You'll find these people will literally follow you around, too. Just politely keep moving on. Being "bled" that way is actually common with persons who have strong Pisces somewhere in their Chart.

  • Try wearing Turquoise (the REAL thing only and yes, it's quite expensive). Turquoise is considered Lucky by many different cultures and does seem to help. Dyed or enhanced stones are thought to lose their power. Most genuine Turquoise has been mined out in the US so if you're not paying a lot, it's probably dyed Howlite, or some substitute.